Order Management
  • Create new order ( include transaction, invoice and payment )
  • Void order
  • Refund order
Shopping Cart & Checkout
  • Add product to shopping cart
  • Edit the cart products
  • Product can be scanned to add to cart
  • Support single and multiple payment
  • Pre-order product, with delivery date and messages
Bundle Product Management
  • Notification in POS when latest added product in cart involved any bundle product
  • Automate calculation for product in cart to be bundle product when checkout to payment page
Coupon Management
  • Scan QR code to add coupon
  • Purchase coupon by membership point
    ( Member Only )
  • Use coupon purchased before
    ( Member Only )
Member Management
  • Admin can add member in the backend system
  • Walk-in customer can easily register during checkout
  • Member can get point after transaction
  • Easy member search by phone number
Warehouse Product Management
  • Upload product with csv in bulk
  • Edit the product which is available to sell in warehouse
  • Assign product stock to different POS
  • Raise request to and approval from main Warehouse
  • Borrow stock from other POS
  • Alert for low level product stock
Inboxing Management
  • Create Stock-in for restock ( by last Stock-in / by last week transaction )
  • Stock-in indicate all product and quantity to be restock
  • Stock-in status update after shipping is done
  • Create broadcast message for certain POS

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